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Employment contracts govern the employment relationship between an employee and his or her employer. Whether an employment contract is written, implied or oral, a California employment contract can be a source of litigation when an employer breaches, breaks or otherwise violates the agreement. When employers fail to honor the provisions in these contracts, employees can sue for breach of contract. Additionally, if an employer has engaged in fraud during the hiring process or the termination of employment, employees may also have grounds to pursue legal action against employers.

Breach of employment contracts can take various forms. Some common examples of these violations include (and are not limited to) employers:

  • Dismissing (i.e., laying off or firing) employees before the termination date specified in the contract
  • Dismissing employees for grounds not specified in the employment contract
  • Failing to pay employees the compensation detailed in the contract
  • Failing to provide employees with benefits, including healthcare/retirement benefits and vacation/sick time, as stipulated by the contract
  • Assigning employees to duties that violate the terms of the contract.

We Can Advise on Non-Competition Agreements

Non-competition agreements are provisions contained within an employment contract that restrict the activities of an employee after leaving the service of the company. Courts treat non-competition agreements with suspicion — with an eye toward preventing unnecessary and unreasonable interference with a person’s livelihood after severance of the employer-employee relationship. The courts will often decline to enforce “unreasonable” non-competition agreements.

Trade Secrets Agreements

Employment contracts frequently contain provisions for the protection of the employer’s “trade secrets”. These may range from customer data of one kind or another to company designs, or even “secret recipes”. Typically, the trade secrets clause of an employment contract will provide for “liquidated” damages in the event of disclosure of the information. Liquidated damages are a set dollar figure agreed upon in advance, to be paid in the event the contract clause is violated.

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